Thursday, December 6, 2012

Get Ready for Your Christmas

With all the snow we've had, it's starting to get me in the mood to prepare for Christmas!
And so I want to encourage you to remember to include yourself  in all the preparations you make for Christmas by offering another coupon for the store this month!

Just press HERE  to go to the coupon to print off, for 40% off one item from now through December 24th, 

(Patti, this was the arrangement you sent last year)


  1. The flowers are very pretty! Not bad for choosing them from an online photo, lol! And I love your travelling frog at the top of your tree!

  2. Love the tree top!
    nancy b

  3. nice picture of you and Richard:)
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. great Christmassy pictures! And thanks for the discount coupon!! I am printing if off right now!! :)

  5. Is that a mistletoad on your tree?

  6. Thanks for the coupon! Have a Merry (Snowless) Christmas!


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